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How does LNG storage tank perform quality testing?

How does LNG storage tank perform quality testing?

2023-05-23 09:16:37

LNG (LIQUEFIED NATURAL GAS) storage tank is a device used to store liquid natural gas, which is usually made of hot -dip galvanized steel plate or stainless steel plate. During the use, due to various factors, such as temperature, pressure, object wear, etc., LNG storage tanks have quality problems. Therefore, regular quality testing for LNG storage tanks is very important to ensure that it can be used safely and reliable.

LNG storage tank quality detection mainly includes the following aspects:

1. Appearance check

For the appearance of the LNG storage tank, you need to check whether the surface is flat, whether it is corroded, rust, and damage. If you find a problem, you need to take timely measures for repair and maintenance to avoid affecting the safety performance and service life of the LNG storage tank.

2. Strong detection

The strength detection of the LNG storage tank is an important detection content, mainly to determine whether its structure is stable by testing its carrying capacity. There are three main methods of strength detection: static test, ultrasonic detection and magnetic powder detection. Among them, static test is a more traditional method. It detects its carrying capacity by injecting liquid into LNG storage tanks; ultrasonic detection and magnetic powder detection are more advanced lossless detection technology. Defects, and then repair and maintain.

3. Seal detection

LNG storage tank seal detection is an important step to ensure that it will not leak. In order to achieve efficient and accurate seal detection, the gas detection instrument can be used to detect the LNG storage tank. This detection method can not only detect the gas concentration inside the tank, but also the existence of tiny vulnerabilities, and then repairs in time to ensure the sealing and safety performance of the LNG storage tank.

4. Anti -corrosion detection

LNG storage tanks are often exposed to harsh physical environments for a long time, so various chemical reactions and corrosion are formed on its surface. For this kind of problems, common physical chemical testing methods are needed, such as conventional detection, ultrasonic detection, magnetic powder detection and other methods to detect the degree of corrosion of the LNG storage tank surface and perform corresponding maintenance.

5. Temperature testing

LNG storage tanks store liquid natural gas, and the temperature has a great impact on its state change. Therefore, the LNG storage tank needs to be detected to ensure the uniformity and stability of its internal temperature. Specific detection methods are usually implemented with high -precision thermometers. Combined with the control system, the temperature of the tank can be accurately understood.

In summary, the quality detection of LNG storage tanks is a complex process that needs to be used to ensure its safety, stability and persistence. Only through scientific, systematic, and standardized detection processes can we ensure that the long -term use of LNG storage tanks is safe and reliable.


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