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What details need to pay attention to during the use of low -temperature storage tanks?

What details need to pay attention to during the use of low -temperature storage tanks?

2023-05-23 09:04:42

Low -temperature storage tanks are a device for storing liquid gas, which are usually used to store low -temperature liquid gases such as liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, and liquid cricket.During the use of low -temperature storage tanks, you need to pay attention to the following details:

1. Safety issues

Low -temperature storage tanks are a device that stores high -pressure and low -temperature liquids. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly follow relevant safety regulations during use to ensure the safety of operators.Specifically, you need to do the following aspects:

1. Follow the operating procedures: Before operating low -temperature storage tanks, you need to carefully read the relevant operating procedures and implement it in accordance with the regulations to ensure the safety and normal operation of the operation.

2. Pay attention to stress: During the operation of the low -temperature storage tank, you need to pay attention to the readings of the pressure gauge and thermometer at all times to avoid excessive or low pressure and temperature cause an explosion or leakage accident.

3. Anti -static: In the process of operating low -temperature storage tanks, preventive measures must be taken to prevent the sparks caused by electrostatic gathering, which leads to explosion accidents.

4. Safe ventilation: To ensure the safety of operators, there must be sufficient ventilation around the low -temperature storage tank.When operating inside the tank, efficient ventilation equipment needs to be used to ensure the safety of the operator.

5. On -site management: Regularly check whether there are flammable and explosive items around the tank, and exclude hidden safety hazards to ensure the safety and normal of the operating environment.

2. Protection issues

During the use of low -temperature storage tanks, the protection of tanks is needed to ensure the safety and stability of the storage tank.Specifically, it mainly includes the following aspects:

1. Pipeline protection: The protective layer must be laid between the storage tank and the gas delivery pipeline to prevent leakage caused by the damage of the pipeline.

2. Concrete water discharge: During the cooling process, liquid gas will occur in condensate. It needs to be discharged regularly to maintain the drying state inside the storage tank and reduce corrosion problems.

3. Storage environment management: For the liquid gas in the low temperature storage tank, the environmental temperature and humidity are very important.Pay attention to the humidity and temperature of the environment during use, and timely maintain and protect the internal environment of the tank.

4. Reserve tank cleaning: regularly clean the interior of the low -temperature storage tank, remove the accumulated dirt, and ensure that it is dry, clean and stable in the storage tank.

3. Maintenance issues

As a special equipment, low -temperature storage tanks require regular maintenance and maintenance to ensure the performance and safety of the storage tank.Specifically, including the following aspects:

1. Equipment inspection: regularly check the low -temperature storage tanks, including inspection of equipment such as safety valves, pressure gauges, liquid levels and other equipment to ensure the working status and accuracy of the equipment.

2. Leakage inspection: During the operation of the tank, pay attention to whether there is a leak at all times, eliminate timely, and do a good job of handling the leak.

3. Heating equipment inspection: If the storage tank itself has heating equipment, it is necessary to check and maintain the heating equipment regularly to ensure the normal use and safety of the equipment.

4. Reserve update: If the low temperature storage tank is old


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