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Cryo Ease” Cryogenic Liquid Tank

Cryo Ease” Cryogenic Liquid Tank

This series of products are gas supply equipments combined by mini storage tanks, superchargers, vaporizer and pipe system. Due to the well organized structure and easy installation, they can be widely used for laser processing, electronic, research, petrochemical, welding industries etc. Multiple storage tanks can be used for supply of mixed gases according to customers’ different processing requirements. Supply high purity gas as expected to substitute traditional steel cylinder and dewar bottle and reduce the frequency of replacement and chance of pollution. Rapider supercharging speed, higher gas quality, slower self boosting speed and high efficient insulation structure, which makes the power consumption of our product at very low level, even realize 0 consumption. Both transport truck and automatic liquid filling truck can be used for filling the tank and realize 0 wastage. Provide solution of filling at site to enjoy the centralized gas supply.

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