Yangzhou Giant Machinery Co., Ltd. main business: 5 ~ 100m m3 liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid argon etc…
Company Profile

  Yangzhou Giant Machinery Co., Ltd.

  The company locates in the Guangling industrial park of Yangzhou City, occupies an area of 200 thousand m2, and includes 100 thousand m2 workshops and 20 thousand m2 offices. The company is mainly committed to research, development, manufacture of cryogenic equipments, chemical equipments etc.

  The company was established in 2005 with registered capital of about 7 million USD. The company has more than 500 employees; including 6 senior engineers, 25 engineers, 30 assistant engineers and 60 other technical employees, and its total fixed assets is 50 million USD. Lifting capacity for single is 100t, and bending capacity is 3500mm×150mm. Other more than 300 equipments include vacuum pumping system, coating production line, cutting, forming, welding, forging, testing, inspection, heat treatment, sand blasting, lifting and transportation.

  The company has been awarded A2 type (other high-pressure vessel), C2 type (tank container) design and manufacturing license, GC2 type industrial pipeline installation license and the certificate & stamp (U and T) of authorization by ASME. Due to the hard working of all staff and the concern of customers and friends, we have been the member of Sinopec 1st class network supplier (No. 41489520), member of China National Chemical Corporation suppliers, member of China Industrial Gas Association, member of China Storage Association, and State High-tech Enterprise, etc.

  Main products: 5~250 m³ cryogenic storage tanks for LNG; 5~100 m³ cryogenic storage tanks for L O2, LN2, LAr, LCO2; mini cryogenic storage tanks (Cryo Ease) etc; natural gas point supply projects, natural gas peak regulating stations, LNG filling stations, skit-mounted gas supply units and related solutions; reaction vessels, heat exchangers, towers, non-standard vessels, ammonia refrigeration equipments and related projects; which can be used in natural gas, petrochemical, coalification, electricity, metallurgy fields etc.

  By the concept of industrial contribution and harmonious with nature society, YangZhou Giant Machinery Co., Ltd is open to leaders and friends of all society to win the future together.

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