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LNG gasification pry, pry away the dark haze, return your beautiful blue sky!

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  The city is clear and sunny. People think the air quality must be very good. But in fact, a kind of pollutant that people are familiar with and some are unfamiliar with has exceeded the standard, which will harm our health. It is ozone.

  The main application scope of LNG gasification skid: urban and rural residential areas, remote areas with concentrated population, commercial, catering and other users, gas boiler users, industrial users, such as ceramic plant, hot rolling plant, aluminum material plant, gas peak shaving station, gas power plant

  Product characteristics of LNG gasification skid:

  1. No energy consumption and pollution;

  2. Simple installation and convenient maintenance;

  3. There are various specifications of heat exchange tubes (M120, M160, m200), and the external dimensions of the equipment can be selected;

  4. Optimize the design to meet the requirements of vaporization capacity, reduce the cost, reduce the pressure drop, and avoid bias flow;

  5. The whole equipment adopts the aluminum profile "bridge" type connection, which is beautiful, generous and firm, effectively eliminating the stress caused by thermal expansion and cold shrinkage;

  6. Advanced high-pressure pipe composite technology makes the pressure pipe and heat exchange pipe contact 100% to ensure the heat exchange effect;

  7. All parts of the equipment shall be cleaned and manufactured according to the oxygen service standard, which is safer for use;

  8. Gasification capacity: 200Nm3 / h;

  9. Auxiliary heater shall be equipped to ensure the gasification outlet temperature;

  10. Take off pressure of safety valve: 1.6Mpa;

  11. Working pressure: 0.02-1.0mpa;

  12. Special low-temperature aluminum, special surface anti-oxidation treatment, extending service life;

  13. Abundant flow design to meet the effective gasification of domestic and imported LNG;

  14. Complete safety protection function to ensure safe and reliable use of equipment.

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