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Share the welding skills of stainless steel material of LNG tank and connect it with tank body

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  Share the welding skills of stainless steel material of LNG tank and connect it with tank body

  The stainless steel fabric structure of the LNG tank will be 0.4mm thin-walled stainless steel plate, which will be welded on one side of the metal tank through a special joint to achieve the purpose of anti-corrosion, and become the anti-corrosion loose fabric 0 of the tank. When the tank is filled with medium, the fabric will stick to the tank. When the tank is empty, there is a gap between the fabric plate and the tank body, which is connected with the tank body through the weld. The dimension of the fabric board shall be kept at the length of the can body after stress elongation. Otherwise there may be tears. The tightness of the weld is very important. It can prevent corrosion without leakage or seepage. In practice, it's a very difficult welding skill to meet the requirement of no leakage.

  Different joint structures are selected at the joint parts of tank top tank wall and tank bottom tank wall to strengthen the strength and tightness of the fabric board and ensure the quality of the fabric board. In the field, the sealing property of the weld is determined by vacuum test. The vacuum experiment time is much longer than the welding time. The stainless steel fabric of metal tank is implemented on site. In practice, because the tank size is out of limit and cannot be transported, the stainless steel fabric can only be manufactured and installed on site. The construction unit usually handles the construction according to the engineering construction, that is, the anti-corrosion construction, the commodity standard and the construction engineering standard.

  Improve the stainless steel fabric of LNG storage tank, improve the welding skills of thin-walled stainless steel fabric, discuss micro arc plasma welding; research and development and use of manual seam welding machine, improve the sealing of welding; discuss the track of active walking and car, complete the initiative of TIG; discuss the method of rapid leak detection, shorten the time of weld tightness inspection, and improve the reliability. The industrialization of patent technology of stainless steel anti-corrosion fabric was constantly improved in practice. At that time, the knowledge economy was emerging. The National Technology Innovation Conference further promoted the technology innovation of oil field, completed the industrialization of high and new technology, and prepared the skills for the rejuvenation of the country through science and education.

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