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How to avoid the development crisis of LNG point supply equipment under the general trend

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  With the rapid development of environmental protection equipment, how to avoid the development crisis of LNG point supply equipment?!

  In the process of market stabilization, what is the most important consideration for investment? What is the crisis and how to deal with it? Let's talk about it in my opinion.

  1、 The crisis of being eliminated in the process of market standardization

  1.1. The crisis of being eliminated in the process of standardization

  With the development of point supply equipment to the present, there is no clear specification to restrict and no clear department to supervise. With the current climax of coal to gas market in the past, the problem will be standardization. With the increase of the scale of point supply equipment, safety problems will be highlighted, and the government departments have reached the point of having to manage. The government has achieved the goal of using private capital to quickly complete the transformation of coal to gas. The next step is to standardize the market, ban the fundamental non-compliance, and rectify the non-compliance. The regulation should be included in the regulatory system. This is the same law as the market development of LPG before.

  1.2 how to prevent being banned

  How to standardize their own sites and avoid being banned is a problem that must be considered by the majority of LNG point operators

  (1) If the safety distance meets the requirements, the standardized design shall be carried out, and the design department shall design and draw up a blueprint.

  (2) In the process of equipment selection, in order to save investment, those with imperfect equipment and inadequate safety measures were rectified.

  (3) Get the use certificate of pressure vessel as soon as possible to make the site as legal as possible.

  2、 The crisis of profit

  2.1 pipeline gas price reduction has become the general trend

  On the one hand, the price reduction of pipeline gas comes from the pressure of government departments, which requires pipeline gas operators to maintain appropriate profits and minimize the price of pipeline gas. The other side is subject to the competition from point supply equipment, they do not want their monopoly to be broken, so it is also the most direct and effective way to use the advantage of low price.

  2.2 in the face of profit crisis, how to deal with LNG point suppliers

  The price competition brings about the reduction of profit space, which means the longer investment cycle. For the enterprises with the scale formed by the point supply equipment market, the gas consumption is relatively large. The situation of regional integration and the successful enterprises around the point supply equipment can be used to negotiate with the LNG plant upstream for the stability of gas consumption, so as to ensure the profit by reducing the price.

  Only a small part of the point supply equipment market, the relatively weak competitiveness of enterprises to use the way of selling and combining and large point supply equipment suppliers to reduce their operating costs, to ensure profit space.

  After the market enters the stage, it is inevitable to face the situation of integration. For enterprises with relatively weak strength, it is expected that they will be passively squeezed out, rather than winning the active situation through the active joint market.

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