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Dezhou Linyi builds a 10 billion yuan biomedical industry base

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  On March 9, Beijing Bimei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Linyi County signed a finished drug production project with an investment of 600 million yuan. So far, there are 26 biomedical enterprises in the county. Last year, 20 biomedical projects with a total investment of 5.89 billion yuan were completed and put into operation. This year, there are more than 10 such projects under construction with a total investment of 5.17 billion yuan. After being put into operation, the sales revenue will be increased by 6.24 billion yuan and the profits and taxes will be 1.32 billion yuan.

  With the signing, completion and production of a batch of biomedical projects, the biomedical industry in Linyi County shows a trend of "competing for the best". A biopharmaceutical industry cluster integrating product research and development, drug identification, production and sales, with an annual sales revenue of more than 10 billion yuan, has quietly formed. Last year, the county's pharmaceutical enterprises led by Qilu pharmaceutical and xinlitai pharmaceutical have an annual output of 1200 tons of cephalosporin APIs, 12000 tons of new pesticides led by Kexin biology, 40000 tons of xylitol, soybean protein and other biological products represented by Shuangrui biology and Haiao biology, with sales revenue of 3 billion yuan and profits and taxes of 600 million yuan.

  "The clustering of biomedical industry needs four elements: first-class research institutions and talents, sufficient capital investment, leading enterprises and new enterprises. Only when we give full play to our own advantages can we find our own regional characteristics and build a core pillar industry with regional sustainable competitiveness. " Linyi County Party Secretary Jing Wenxin such analysis. Focusing on the construction of modern industrial system, the county strives from the "four elements", complements the industrial chain, and creates a biomedical cluster with "regional business card". They have awarded Zhu Fengjun, a Qilu pharmaceutical project introducer, 3.05 million yuan for two years in a row, to promote industrial investment promotion and pay great attention to the meritorious merchants. This year, the county set up a special investment team to carry out special research around the domestic and foreign biomedical industry, effectively improving the pertinence of investment. Many big projects, such as Bimei pharmaceutical with an investment of 600 million yuan, Tianjin Huajin pharmaceutical with an investment of 800 million yuan and Beijing yikangxing pharmaceutical with an investment of 300 million yuan, have come to fame. For biomedical industry projects with an investment of more than 100 million yuan, we will provide 10 to 50 million yuan of financial support according to the investment quota, ease the difficulty of capital turnover, actively recommend the capital demand of enterprises to financial institutions, introduce financing guarantee institutions, and provide more choices and services for enterprise financing.

  The county has formulated and issued science and technology award policies, set up enterprise technology innovation awards, guided and supported biomedical enterprises to strengthen cooperation with colleges and universities and scientific research institutes with the construction of engineering R & D center and enterprise technology center as the starting point, do a good job in the combination of production, learning and research, research and development of new products and new technologies, enhance the independent innovation ability of enterprises, and promote the upgrading of biomedical industry. In September last year, Shandong Xinbo Pharmaceutical Research Co., Ltd., established in Linyi Economic Development Zone, is a leading scientific research enterprise specializing in preclinical research and safety evaluation of drugs in China, relying on Shandong University and passing GLP certification of State Food and drug administration. At present, the county's biomedical industry has one Municipal Engineering Technology Research Center, one provincial famous brand product and one provincial famous trademark.

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