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Development prospect of LNG storage and transportation technology

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  According to statistics, by the end of 2017, China's gas stations have accumulated a year-on-year growth of about 82%. In 2018, China's gas stations will still maintain a good trend of stable growth. Under such circumstances, the LNG market will have more potential for growth in the future, and the technology of LNG equipment will also be light in the future

  According to statistics, by the end of 2017, China's gas stations have accumulated a year-on-year growth of about 82%. In 2018, China's gas stations will still maintain a good trend of stable growth. In this case, the future LNG market growth has more potential. In the future, the technology of LNG equipment will also develop in the direction of lightweight, modularization, efficiency, prying, etc. Because of the advantages of LNG, such as strong cleanness, convenient transportation, safety, high storage rate and economy, LNG storage and transportation technology is becoming more and more important, and the technical application requirements for LNG storage and transportation are also becoming higher and higher. In the future, the LNG equipment market will keep a steady growth trend, and the prospect will be more and more optimistic.

  For China, the development of LNG industry started late, and the early development speed is slow. There are not many LNG plants with certain strength and technical level. However, with the rapid development of China's market economy, the continuous realization of a well-off socialist society, the pressure of international competition in the face of incentives and increasingly serious environmental problems, which makes natural gas as a high-quality and clean energy in the domestic and even the world market has a broad prospect of development. Take China's natural gas industry for example, it is only in a rapid development process from the early stage to the middle stage, and the domestic natural gas consumption is growing rapidly. By 2020, it is estimated that China's natural gas market will reach about 220 billion cubic meters, because China's demand for natural gas will greatly promote the development and utilization of LNG.

  1、 LNG will develop rapidly in areas without natural gas pipeline coverage and coastal areas along the river

  Because LNG is liquefied natural gas, whether on land or on water, it has an economic and affordable safe transportation distance and mode. On land, it can use roads and railways for long-distance cooperation. On the sea, it can be transported by special LNG storage vessel for long-distance transportation or container transportation. Most of China's natural gas resources are distributed in the central and western regions, which are sparsely populated and underdeveloped in industrialization. Compared with the coastal areas, the division of resources is very uncoordinated, which makes the contradiction in natural gas resources prominent. Therefore, LNG will become the mainstream of the development of these areas in the future, so as to solve the problem of the lack of natural gas resources in coastal areas.

  2、 Development of long-distance LNG transport vehicles

  The land transportation of our country has got the rapid development, no matter highway or provincial road transportation system has got the development. But for the long-distance intercity transportation of LNG, the traffic problem is still the focus. The large-scale LNG transport trucks developed in foreign countries have been proved to be very suitable for long-distance transportation. For China, road freight plays a key role in both long and short distance. If relevant LNG transport vehicles are built along necessary road sections and expressways to facilitate the supply of LNG in transit, it is bound to promote the large-scale application of long-distance LNG transport.

  3、 LNG industry is a systematic chain of sustainable development

  Liquefied natural gas industry covers natural gas pretreatment, liquefaction, storage and transportation. With the continuous development, LNG industry has gradually formed the momentum of vigorous development. In the future, each link will no longer be a separate part, and each link will be connected. It is bound to form a complete LNG industrial chain, promote the greater influence of LNG industry on society, and make natural gas such clean energy better benefit human society.

  From the current development trend of natural gas industry, under the full guarantee of LNG resources ahead of schedule, the main direction of LNG Development in the future is through automobile storage and transportation and inland navigation. LNG has a great market in the future. No matter at home or abroad, there is a broad development space for LNG application technology. The development of LNG storage and transportation technology will also get an unprecedented development and application, which is bound to promote the rapid development of China's LNG industry. LNG is a systematic project. The development of LNG industry can optimize China's current energy structure, adjust and alleviate the development problem of energy resource shortage in the economically developed areas, and accelerate the further development of China's economic construction.

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