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An important means to ensure the safety of low temperature storage tank: maintenance

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  Low temperature storage tank is an important equipment for energy storage. This kind of equipment is widely used in many fields, so the role of storage tank is recognized by everyone. If users want to make full use of the low-temperature storage tank in the use process, they need to do a good job in the maintenance work on a regular basis, which is one of the important means to ensure the safety of the tank. Specific maintenance methods, staff in the following for you to carry out a brief introduction.

  1、 Maintenance method of low temperature storage tank

  1. A small amount of liquid nitrogen should be put into the low-temperature storage tank for precooling before use. When the temperature in the tank reaches the liquid nitrogen temperature, fill the liquid nitrogen tank with liquid nitrogen. Pay attention to handle the liquid nitrogen tank with care to prevent collision and extrusion. When it is not allowed to drag and move on the ground, it should be lifted up. When not in use, the liquid nitrogen tank shall be stored in a dry room with good ventilation to prevent wetting.

  2. Check the neck plug and neck plug ditch at any time, remove the ice on the neck plug in time, do not place plastic cloth and other substances on the neck plug, increase the blockage, and ensure the use function of the liquid nitrogen tank. When it is found that the consumption speed of liquid nitrogen is too fast or there are water drops and white frost near the neck of the liquid nitrogen tank, it means that the insulation function of the tank is out of order and liquid nitrogen cannot be retained. The samples placed in the liquid nitrogen tank shall be marked well, and shall be taken and placed stably, accurately and quickly.

  3. In order to prevent erosion of tank wall, the inner cavity of liquid nitrogen tank needs to be cleaned once a year. In addition, it should be noted that the low temperature storage tank should be transported as less as possible and the number of times to open the liquid nitrogen tank should be reduced. If it is necessary to transport, it is necessary to fix a rope on the truck body and keep the liquid nitrogen tank upright. Prevent falling and collision

  4. Overturn and lie horizontally to prevent violent vibration as much as possible.

  2、 Advantages of cryogenic tanks

  1. Light weight and high strength

  The density of this tank is between 1, 5 ~ 2 and 0, and its density is one quarter to one fifth of the density of carbon steel, but it has close tensile strength. The tensile strength of this material is higher than that of carbon steel, and its strength can be the same as that of alloy steel. It needs to be used in all fields, it needs to be used in the aviation field, it needs to be used in the rocket field, it needs to be used in the spacecraft, it needs to be used in the high-pressure container, it needs to be used in the application equipment of products that need to reduce the self weight, and this kind of storage equipment has a good use effect.

  2. Good corrosion resistance

  Liquefied gas storage tank is a kind of corrosion-resistant material with good performance. This material has good resistance. The storage equipment with this material can resist the corrosion of atmosphere, water, acid, alkali and salt, as well as a variety of oils and solvents. This storage equipment is widely used. This equipment is used in all aspects of chemical anticorrosion, and this product is replacing it Use of carbon steel storage equipment, non-ferrous metal storage equipment and low temperature storage tank equipment.

  The above content is mainly about the maintenance methods and main advantages of low temperature storage tank. I wonder if my friends have understood clearly after reading this article. If they want to ensure the safety performance of low temperature storage tank, please follow the above methods. Thank you for clicking to read.

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