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For the first use of liquid argon storage tank, the following items should be kept in mind to avoid "adverse reactions"

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  The position of liquid argon storage tank in the chemical industry must be obvious to all, mainly using a high vacuum refrigerator to store liquid argon saves a lot of labor. For users who use liquid argon storage tank for the first time, it is not only difficult to use it, but also prone to accidents. However, for friends who use liquid argon storage tank for the first time, only by doing the following preparations can they avoid dangerous accidents. Let's go to the following to see the specific solutions:

  1、 Inspection of liquid argon storage tank before use

  When liquid argon storage tank is filled with liquid argon, the first thing is to check whether the shell is sunken and whether the vacuum vent is intact. If it is damaged, the vacuum degree will be reduced. In serious cases, the air inlet cannot be insulated, so the upper part of the tank will be frosted, the liquid argon loss will be large, and the value of continuous use will be lost.

  2、 Liquid argon filling

  Be careful when filling liquid argon. For new tanks or tanks in dry state, fill them slowly and precool them to prevent the tank from being damaged too quickly and reduce the service life. When filling liquid argon, please do not pour liquid argon on the vacuum exhaust port to avoid the decrease of vacuum degree.

  3、 Storage capacity of liquid argon in liquid argon storage tank

  When liquid medium is stored in liquid argon tank, it is necessary to close liquid inlet / outlet valve and booster valve, and open vent valve.

  4、 Transportation of liquid argon in liquid argon storage tank

  When the liquid argon tank transports the liquid argon medium, make sure that the opening and closing state of each valve is the same as that during storage. Please seat the bottom of the packing box under the container seat circle, and use ropes to fix the liquid argon tank on the vehicle reliably, so that the liquid argon tank will not shake during transportation.

  5、 Infusion of liquid argon in liquid argon tank

  Close the vent valve; open the booster valve; observe the pressure gauge; when the pressure rises to 0.05Mpa (0.5kg / cm2), open the drain valve, which means continuous infusion.

  6、 Inspection during use

  Check frequently during use. It can be observed with eyes or touch the shell with hands. If frost is found on the surface, the liquid argon storage tank shall stop using. Especially, when the inner wall of the neck pipe is covered with frost and ice, it is not suitable to use a knife to scrape, so as to prevent the inner wall of the neck pipe from being damaged, resulting in poor vacuum. Instead, the liquid argon shall be taken out and allowed to melt naturally.

  These are the first use of liquid argon storage tank need to pay attention to several work, we have learned it? If there's a need for liquid argon storage tanks or something you don't know, you can pay attention to our official website or call us. The company will have professional technicians to answer questions for you.

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