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Emergency measures for leakage of liquid ammonia in liquid ammonia storage tank

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  Second, report to the local government, local environmental protection department, "119" and public security traffic police department immediately, and state the location, leakage, accident unit, chemical name, time of accident, whether there are casualties, dangerous degree, the last name and telephone number of the alarm person;

  Third, under the condition of ensuring safety, the leaking container should be blocked or overturned to avoid liquid LPG leaking out;

  Fourth, spray water should be used to suppress steam or change the direction of vapor cloud, but it is forbidden to directly impact the leakage of LPG or leakage source.

  Fifth, prevent leakage into water bodies, sewers, basements or confined spaces. It is forbidden to enter the confined space where liquefied petroleum gas may collect;

  Sixth, after cleaning, all protective clothing and equipment should be washed before storage and reuse.

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